WCR Strategic Partner Spotlight Jim Porter with Solano Mortgage.

Hey Fellow WCR Members, it’s me, National Affiliate Member,  Jim Porter:  The roster shows I have only been a member since January 2007, but I must have quit for a couple of years and then rejoined because I remember being WCR in the nineties.  I joined 25 years ago because a bunch of the top women realtors was part of the group, and many had built incredible “Raving Fan” databases filled with happy past clients. 

The WCR culture is based on referrals and the philosophy that the more you give, the more you get. I have built my business on referrals and generously giving over the last 30 years.  I am a member of WCR because of the education I get from hanging around women that are smarter than me and women that are so secure in their skin and their business, that they are willing to share their secrets of success with other WCR members.  

When Mary and I came to Vacaville in 1989, with 4 little kids, no wealth, and no REALTOR relationships other than a couple I brought with me from San Francisco, WCR was a great way to meet powerful women, that over the last 50 years have become the dominant gender in real estate sales.  I was never the primary GO-TO loan officer for Watson, Vogelpohl, Perez, Stever, Dunham, Strout, Ensign, or Lopez, but this 20-plus year WCR members have been a very valuable part of my business and I have closed a couple of hundred escrows with these power brokers.  I have learned a lot from these seasoned REALTORS. I not only got great tips on how to be a better loan officer in my first 12 years in Vacaville from these ladies, but I also get occasional advice on how to be a better person and husband. 

Sandy Stewart may not be in the 20-year WCR member club joining in 2014, but she is a classic example of what a WCR member is all about.  She is kind, considerate, generous, and just had the best year of her 25-year career.  I am blessed to be Sandy’s GO-TO loan officer and she has become like a sister to me over the last 20 years so I would appreciate it if my fellow affiliate WCR lender members will leave her alone..  Just kidding, no loan officer owns a realtor relationship, we rent it and the rent comes due on every buyer that is counting on us to make the American Dream come true…

Jim Porter, Branch Manager
Email: JPorter@solanomortgage.com
Cell phone: (707) 290-9531
Office: (707) 449-4777
Address: 862 Alamo Drive, Vacaville, CA 95688
Licensed in CA
NMLS# 276412

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