Tools For Growing Your Business


This year RE/MAX Gold introduced our 7 Phase Platform of predictive analytics, and today’s Powerful Technology. In this post I want to share the specifics of each Phase and how it works to connect our associates with consumers ready to engage.

Phase 1: is the most advanced predictive analytical lead source available to agents. Targeted specifically at discovering consumers who are and or will be in a position to sell their home in the next 12 months Offers claims a 75% success rate in California in 2017 predicting homes that would sell. Imagine knowing which 4-7% of homes will sell in the next 12 months in your neighborhood. Would that cut your marketing costs, increase your chance for successfully listing homes? Utilizing predictive analytics the company gathers information on the consumer, their housing situation, and 250+ other points of information and shares with our agents the homes they should be targeting their marketing efforts to. RE/MAX Gold has exclusive rights to all the markets our agents work in.  This really is the future of lead generation and the smartest way an agent can market their services to generate sellers. Offrs even includes marketing done for you with each territory purchased.

Phase 2: LeadStreet is more than a CRM. More than a Lead Portal it includes email marketing, lead distribution and follow through, social media posting and mining tools, and listing management. Let’s peek into what each of these does for the #GoldNation of agents with RE/MAX Gold.

CRM: Manage contacts, groups, tasks, and client follow up. Schedule appointments, calls, emails and more. Track all your daily client interaction and agenda. Unlimited contacts and unlimited groups. You can even export your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Likes and followers as contacts. There is no other app available that allows you to do this feature. Imagine all your Facebook Friends, can now be exported as a contact in to your LeadStreet CRM.

Lead Portal:,, and all combine for 90 million unique consumer visits in 2017. That’s a lot of web traffic. in fact, it’s more consumer hits than any other national branded real estate company. This all equates to more leads for our #GoldNation Agents. When a consumer visits or any of the branded sites un the RE/MAX umbrella and is interested in a property, the lead is sent to three local RE/MAX Gold agents at one time. The first agent to respond with “Accept” gets the lead contact automatically imported to their LeadStreet Lead Account as a contact. Our network of websites host every single home for sale in the world. If the home is on a Multiple Listing Service you can find it on or for homes around the world. RE/MAX is located in 102 countries so there are lots of international leads that our agents enjoy each year. As foreign investors flood our country purchasing properties. #GoldNation Agents can count on receiving many leads a year with no fee associated with the lead.

Social Media: LeadSrteet allows our agents to access a Social Media Portal that includes the ability to post directly to agents social media sites, schedule future posts, and share their listings, open house and price reductions all in one place. As mentioned above our Social Plug-in allows agents to actually export friends, followers, and those consumers connected to their social sites like Facebook and import them as contacts. No other plug-in can do this. Managing all your sites, posts, shares, comments from one place has many benefits. Data mining is one of the best ways to utilize social media. Bringing all your social feeds into one place to view allows agents to focus in on areas of attention. Finding reasons to connect with consumers is the reason behind the purpose of social media.

Listing Management: RE/MAX Gold agent listings are automatically imported into their Listing management Portal. here agents can edit the text, change and or add additional pictures and personalize their listings. As an example; a #GoldNation Agent can edit the public comments of their new listing to say “For a private showing of this home please call me directly at (insert agents number)” Then when the listing is populated to public sites like the consumer will read this in the comments section and take action. The Listing Management Portal is also a great way for agents to input off market listing prior to going live on the MLS.

Phase 3: ADWERX is the billboard of the future. You have probably noticed when online that when you are looking for something specific like a new BBQ all of a sudden every site you go to has BBQ’s for sale. Welcome to ADWERX. With another great partnership RE/MAX Gold has rolled out this amazing marketing tool to assist agents in bringing exposure to their listings. When a #GoldNation Agent lists a home our partnership with ADWERX kicks in and automatically displays the new listing to all consumers on sites like,,, and thousands of other sites all within a 15 mile radius of the homes address. This is the equivalent of placing your listing on a busy highway billboard. Literally thousands of consumers will see the new listing which in turn not only helps sell the property but promotes the agent. Simply inputing the sellers email in the ad allows the seller to see the digital placed ad as well. Many of our agents utilize ADWERX coupled with and are having great success listing homes. 

Phase 4: Design Center; continues to be the most robust digital marketing cloud based software on the planet. Imagine a online cloud based program with thousands of templated designs from single property websites, virtual tours, brochures, postcards, flyers and personal branding tools all at your disposal in a drag, drop, point and click environment. This is Design Center. Included as part of our agents affiliation with RE/MAX.

Phase 5: Listing Presentation; Each agent has access to a customized listing presentation designed with the agent in mind powered by the world’s most recognized brand RE/MAX. The presentation is jam packed with the data a agent needs to convince the consumer why a partnership with RE/MAX Gold will yield a successful sale. We want our agents to be prepared and have the arsenal to win! When you work with the world’s most recognized real estate brand, and you partner locally with the Company that sold 3,400 more homes than any other brokerage in California this ends in success. Imagine being able to share with the consumer “Your Company, RE/MAX Gold sold 13,267 homes in 2017, that’s 3, 400 more than any other company! That’s a home sold every 30 minutes. With 66 local offices, nearly 1,400 agents the #GoldNation is here to ensure a smooth and stress free transaction. All this in a colorful professionally bowned presentation to send, deliver or bring with you to your next listing.

Phase 6: Listing Automation; Here is where Design Center really shines for our agents. We have automated the marketing process for each listing. Simply input your listing in to the MLS and within 12-24 hours you’ll receive a email from the Marketing Department with new listing collateral. A new single property website, brochure, flyer, postcard, email  template, social posts and more. All pre designed and ready for use in marketing your new listing. Don’t like a picture on the flyer, simply clicking the image opens the Design Center editor and you can quickly change out photos and text to customize the marketing piece of you choose. It’s Marketing Made Simple and with little to no effort from you. The Marketing Department sends you new emails every-time you change the listing, the price, an open house, even when it sells you get a “Just Sold” email. This allows our agents to do what they do best. Stay in front of their client’s.

Phase 7: Front Porch 2.0; With an understanding that many agents are looking for ways to promote their business through social media. RE/MAX Gold has formed another great partnership with RisMedia, the real estate industry’s definitive source for news and information for real estate’s most profitable and productive professionals–and all those looking to gain a competitive edge. Each day our agents who choose to utilize this service get a post to their social media site (Like Facebook). This post is done for them and when clicked on the consumer is taken to an agent branded blog page which drives business for them. #GoldNation agents don’t have to stress over what and when to post on thier social networks. We do it for them. The service even includes a monthly newsletter packed with the many daily stories posted thoughout the month and call to action service for the agents. One of the most important things an agent can do to grow their business is to communicate to their sphere and Front Porch 2.0 does just that.


There you have it. A quick peek at the 7 phases our agents utilize to grow their business and stay connected to their sphere. It’s why No One Sells More Real Estate in California Than RE/MAX Gold. #JoinGoldNation, #JoinREMAXGold, #GoldNation, #DonATREMAX