September 2020 President’s Message

Our community has been torn apart by the ravaging LNU fire. In the night, many had to evacuate immediately, others watched their area, and were ordered to evacuate a little later. Some have lost their property and their homes, and many of their way of living. We have experienced fear, terror, anxiety, despair and grief. Our lives, even if we personally have not suffered loss from the fire, have been turned upside down in a matter of days! To have everything wiped out in an instant by a force of nature is devastating!

            I want to send my deepest regrets and condolences to those who have lost property, livestock or pets due to this fire, and especially send my heartfelt sympathies if you’ve lost a loved one! Now more than ever let us turn to our Higher Power for daily comfort, strength, and positive reassurance.

            We are here to help you in any way that we can! Let us support you, our friends, our community. We are here for you and see all that you are experiencing and having to go through now to start to rebuild your home, your lives, your way of living. Our network of women (and 10% men) are strong, capable people.  We have set up a fund for the victims of the LNU fire, and we will be distributing gift cards (Amazon, grocery stores, and stores that provide essential household items and furniture) to those affected. There may be other ways we can help as well, so please reach out to us as we are here to help!  

Thank you!

Gloria V. Ramirez
2020 Women’s Council Of Realtors Solano
Realtor Lic. #01370133