September 2018 Housing report

We are starting to feel the softening of the market as reports continue to come from agents about homes sitting on markets for weeks, even months. Marin County especially places like Mill Valley are really starting to slow down. Just the other day I ran into an agent claiming they just put a new home on the market and it took a whole week to get one offer. (That’s a joke…)

Actual Mill Valley

We can see actual numbers in Mill Valley 17 days on market and inventory 70 active listings with 28 selling in the last 30 days. Sale to list remains strong at 105% list price. Take caution the news continue to pound the market with the market slowing down

San Rafael

San Rafael doesn’t slow much either as our DOM is only 18 days and the list to sell price is only 102% which is lower and starting a trend as we move north.


In Novato as we move north we start to see homes on the market for near 30 days. The list to sold is 100% and trending down. Inventory levels continue to creep up.


Same story for Petaluma, our first stop in Sonoma County. DOM stretches past 30 days. however, list to sell remains strong at 100%. The real indication of the market slowing is the inventory levels on the rise for the third month in a row.


Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is our last stop for a local focus before we jump into state and cross country numbers. As you can see traveling north prices get better, days on market start to climb at 40 and our list to sell drops below 100% to 99%. Inventory is very strong and nearly four months of inventory 489.


The Big Picture

Now that we took a snap shot of our local community. Let’s take a long look at our national and state picture. This report is comprised each month for our agents and includes a big picture view. you can download the entire Powerpoint or PDF then use the slides you wish to share with your database. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts about the market.



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