This week our own President, Sandra Yanghnam, brings us insights and takeaways from the Women’s Council State Conference in Sacramento and National Conference in Washington DC.

“The Women’s Council of Realtors conferences held in Sacramento and Washington D.C. were nothing short of extraordinary. These gatherings brought together realtors from across the nation and provided an incredible platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and empowerment. The presence of both our President Sandra Yaghnam and President-elect Marissa Mohr elevated the significance of these conferences, showcasing the recognition and support given to the real estate industry and its diverse community.

Attendees had the privilege of interacting with influential leaders who attentively listened to their insights, experiences, and challenges. Moreover, the conferences featured an impressive lineup of speakers who shared their expertise, inspiring and motivating everyone in attendance.

These events served as a testament to the remarkable impact of the Women’s Council of Realtors and their commitment to fostering professional growth and success within the real estate industry. Some of our favorites:

Sacramento Conference Bertina Power - S.H.E. PUBLISHING, LLC (


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Dominate "D"

Possible Team Positions:

  • Managment
  • Team Lead
  • Training

They need to be in a position that is constantly challenging and changing


Keys To Success:

  • Verbally announce a change in topic
  • Have them repeat important info back to you
  • Give them short term projects with immediate rewards.


Keys To Success:

  • Give them one or two things at a time to work on
  • Show interest in them as a person
  • Make them feel special


Keys To Success:

  • Give them time to think – Avoid pushing
  • Give them LOTS of details
  • Allow plenty of time for questions

Washington Conference Personality Profiles – We are the Ultimate Resource for Helping People Understand People

Angel Tucker-Author

Professionally certified and absolutely dynamic in her presentation, Angel empowers you in the growth of your business and personal relationships by

teaching you not only how to recognize personality types quickly, but how to interact with each type effectively to achieve better results.

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It hit a Best Seller list the same month it was released!

Angel spoke to us about how our personalities and personalities of others fit in our workplace, on teams and brokerages. Her book is a must read.