Member Spotlight

Eva Garcia Eagle Vines Realty – WCR Solano

Eva Mangosing Garcia has been an advocate for anyone in need and has risen to the needs of individuals and her community. Earlier this year, she had a transaction in a mobile home park, where she learned of an elderly woman in her eighties who lives alone, and no relatives nearby. The park manager had given her a notice of eviction based on the fact that her property was in need of repair (dry rot and overgrowth of shrubs/trees). The elderly woman did not have money to hire anyone and she had no friends or relatives who could help her. Eva, seeing this woman’s predicament, contacted a pest inspector she had met through Women’s Council of Realtors Solano County Network, who agreed to come take care of the work free of charge (he’s a great guy himself!). Because of Eva stepping up and advocating on behalf of this woman, she avoided the eviction and was able to stay in her mobile home.

Then, the pandemic happened in March. Immediately, Eva posted on her personal Facebook page of the County needing PPE equipment, and asked for people to donate and listed the drop off locations. She and some of her friends were able to obtain free from the community 45,000 face masks, gloves and other equipment.  She personally works every Saturday since March at the collection sites and delivers the PPE equipment to skilled nursing facilities and hospitals in her county. Because of her role in promoting and organizing this, she has been written up twice in the Times Herald and been interviewed on KTVU News.

Eva has helped in organizing and working food drives for her community as well. She has stepped up as a leader in her community and has earned the honor of being recognized.