Exporting Contacts From HomeSwing Core CRM Accounts

In this brief tutorial I will step by step walk you through how to export contacts from the HomeSwing Core CRM contacts page. If you have questions or challenges please connect with me for hands on assistance.

Things to keep in mind prior to exporting is what is the source you will be importing these contacts to? If you plan on converting to a whole new CRM some of the features in this CRM will not translate to a new CRM and therefore some data will not be allowed to be imported. You will be able to export all data fields but the new CRM may not have the same fields for input.  This is where most get confused when importing contacts from another CRM. It’s important to match the header fields from the old CRM to the header fields in the new CRM.

Another point to ponder is how the contacts have been managed. If the database is broken up into multiple groups for instance you may want to export contacts is named groups so you can import them into named groups in a new CRM. This will save a tremendous amount of time by not having to reassign contacts in the groups once you have imported them. It really boils down to understanding the intent of the export and future import. If for instance you just need emails for a email program then deleting other fields and just exporting and importing the name and email address might be the best solution. My point here is to think out your process before you spend a ton of time and end up having to start over because you didn’t think of the end results.  As I always say… Focus On The End Results!


Step 1: Login to your HomeSwingCore.com CRM account:



Step 2: Click on the “Contact” tab on top navigation bar.



Step 3: Select “Export” from the Actions Tab on Contact Menu Bar



Step 4: In this step you will want to make sure you are exporting either all the contacts or specific groups of contacts in they are broken up into groups. Use the drop down links to sort what contacts will be downloaded. The good news is even though you have just export the contacts they still exist in the HomeSwing Core CRM. So if you lose data or download a incorrect group file you can always go back and re-download a file.


Step 5: Your file is ready for download. YOu may need to do this several times if you are breaking the downloads out to groups of contacts in order to import as groups later on.  Click the “Export” Link



Step 6: Simply click the download link and the file will download to your desktop and or whereve you have downloads defaulted to on your computer. Take note of the current name so you will be able to search fro the file in case you can’t find the place you downloaded the file to.



Step 7: In the bottom left corner of the screen you will see your file has downloaded. Click to open the CSV file and ready the file for importing. It’s a good Idea to save the file “Save As” the agents name, contact group etc. This makes it much easier to sort when you have a bunch of CSV files in a folder.



Step 8: Once you have opened the CSV file make sure you clean it up by selecting and deleting fields that have no data or will not be used in the new CRM. All CRM’s are different and lots of the information from one to another will not translate. Fields like source of lead, date of specific actions and even notes that may be exported may not be imported into a new CRM. You will want to check compatibility columns with the new CRM prior to importing.



Step 9: Now delete the fields you don’t need to import to new program. Save file and this process is complete and ready to be imported to a new CRM