Congratulations to Jayden Christopher Pagsolingan! He is our 2022 High School Scholarship Recipient.

Jayden is the nephew of our very own Michelle Pagsolingan Perez, of RE/Max Gold Elite in Fairfield. Jayden attended Newark Memorial High School and achieved a Cumulative GPA of 4.378 and an Academic GPA of 4.583. Our scholarship is not solely based on academics, our scholarship is merit based and this is where Jayden truly shined.

Jayden’s volunteer work in 2018-2019 included an elementary school working in person and assisting with winter shows, parent and kids’ nights and science nights. In 2019 he volunteered at the Newark Community Center which included not just elementary students, but preschoolers and he earned a certificate of appreciation for his work. In 2021 he worked remotely to independently design an elementary school yearbook. He used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the cover. His expertise grew with each new volunteer assignment. He was a volunteer for Lively Health in 2021 and created a video script, set up video production, animated and edited the new Lively Health’s volunteer orientation video. He has even ventured into podcasts. He can review a website’s analytics and create a business strategy.

The most impressive experience he shared is that as a social media producer for Droisys he implemented new social media strategies to boost engagement. Jayden created graphics to make the company more socially aware, collaborated with employees in India to create social media content. In 2021 as an intern, again with Droisys, Jayden created a social media strategy and corresponding planning calendar through 2022 strengthening relationships around the company. Jayden collaborated with the CEO of Customer Service, and employees in India. His duties included proofreading monthly newsletters and promoting events. Jayden even facilitated an international livestream for oxygen supplies to India during the Pandemic.

Jayden is no joke. He has skills at his age that most seasoned college graduates have not yet grasped. I see no limits to this young man’s future. He has a passion. His passion is dance. Here is how he describes his dream for his future, in his own words.

“I am a sponge driven to building community and telling stories. I believe in dance’s ability to bridge people of different political, racial, and religious backgrounds. I believe in dance’s ability to empower individuals with low self-esteem. I believe in dance, and I want to spread the dance culture in every crevice of the world. Building and supporting small and large communities. I want to inspire and build a new generation of dancers by building systems within and outside our education systems – Getting elementary middle schools, high Schools, and colleges to adopt dance programs. I acknowledge the journey ahead is not going to be easy, but I have the drive to go all the way.”

Now Jayden knows that his dream will require funding. He plans to study business administration. He has been accepted to San Diego State University. He plans to market his dance studio to a wider audience using his social media and videographer skills. He stated that a degree in business will give him the tools to handle the dance studios finances.

We are so pleased to be able to help Jayden on his journey to own and operate his own dance studio and videographer business. He is creative and motivated, and we wish him well as he forges ahead to Unite Communities through dance. Congratulations Jayden.