5 Elements To Building The Perfect Listing Presentation

5 Elements To Building The Perfect Listing Presentation

Today, every agent must have a listing presentation—one that can build the necessary trust in the seller. We call it “THE PERFECT LISTING PRESENTATION.” In this eGuide, we’ll discuss the five elements that make for a ‘perfect’ presentation. We’ll also provide you with guidelines for how to separate yourself from your competition by proving that you can be a ‘trusted advisor’ to the seller.



Think of it like owning a shoe store. If you knew there were people already lined up around the corner and busloads of people coming, you’d make sure you had every single size, in every single color, and every single style in stock. Likewise, when a buyer contacts you on the web, comes into your office or calls you from a sign you have posted, you want to have plenty of inventory so you can meet their needs.

Today, more and more sellers are stepping back, taking a look at the advice real estate professionals give them, and asking themselves whether they can trust that advice. Therefore, when you’re at a listing presentation, the most important element is whether you can build trust with the homeowner. Your sellers must know that you’re giving them great advice and that you’re going to be able to help them accomplish their goals. To do that, you must first make sure you understand what those goals actually are.

All four of these require a tremendous amount of trust from the person sitting on the other side of the table. You’re going to sell their prized possession, set its value, set a time schedule as to when their family will be able to move, and set the fee that you’re going to charge to get those three things accomplished. Sellers have to trust you enough to help them reach their dreams. Whether it’s the grandfather up North looking to move to Florida so he can spend his later years with his grandkids or a young person who wants to take that job in San Francisco but first has to get his house sold in Chicago, you’re helping them move on with what’s important to them.


You have to build trust with them so they can be certain you’re the best person to help them reach their goals.





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