The Women’s Council California Conference this year had so many inspiring testimonials. One person that spoke and touched me was Paul Wong, a restaurant owner of Hawaiian BBQ in Alameda. He told us of how he was negative most of the time, in a slump in his relationship with his wife, from working long hours at his family business, and the struggle that goes with raising his children and being self-employed. His marriage was in jeopardy, and as a last resort his wife told him to read “The Secret”, a book about the Law of Attraction and how it works in your life. Paul read the book and agreed to practice this.

Paul also is an avid fan of the Golden State Warriors. Long before the Warriors were a cinch to make the playoffs, they had to rediscover their mojo. Though they were seven games under .500 at the time, Paul sensed the Warriors had their swagger back after winning the game at Detroit on March 6, 2007. It all started as a movement to get people to believe in the Warriors. He and his family promoted the team to win the playoffs when others in the area were doubting their ability. They drew posters with “We Believe” and “We Believe Playoff” and held them up at the games. Paul also used his own money to print up T-shirts and promote the team throughout the city, hoping that the Warriors would make the Playoffs, which they ultimately did! 

​The Warriors heard of Paul and his promotion efforts, and offered to compensate him, but he would not accept any money. He believed that good would come back to him in another way. And it has! He tearfully told us that his change of mental attitude toward the positive saved his marriage, and his business has grown substantially through the law of attraction. The Warriorscontinue to use his slogan “We Believe” and to promote every game with a Paul’s slogan.

​This is but one speaker and one area of Women’s Council of Realtors that promotes a positive and safe environment for personal exploration, encouraging people to become their best self. At the conference Women’s Council offered educational sessions on team building and interpersonal communication by Corry Ann Mendoza. One proverb “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.” This says it all about Women’s Council of Realtors. They believe in giving a hand – reaching out and lifting each other up!